Link Building Search Engine Optimization

Link Building Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization revolves around a lot of skills, the most crucial being link building. There are many other beneficial methods for achieving the end goal of SEO.

Link building is one of the most impactful methods to SEO, link building is based around building quality backlinks from other high domain authority websites which will impact your domain authority, slowly rising till you surpass your competition.

Google released a report informing the internet of googles top 3 ranking factors, and those are; Link Building, Content and Googles Rankbrain algorithm.

Do-Follow Verse No-Follow?

Why do I want do-follow links over no-follow? There are many reasons behind this but the most simplistic being, if the link has a no-follow attribute then googles robot that crawls the directories for new websites, if it comes up as “No Follow” then googles bot reads that and acknowledges the link but doesn’t count it as a vote towards your website, which increases the domain authority of your website.

If googles bot comes across yellow pages and the link has a “Do-Follow” attribute then googles crawler will note that the website has “voted” for you by posting a backlink saying that it has recognised your website. Google then sees this and makes a note which could then positively or negatively impact your website depending on if the website is considered authoritative in googles eyes.

What are there no-follow links? No-follow links are a way for the website to still acknowledge the linking website but not to count it as a “vote”. No-follow links do not pass any Domain Authority, Page Authority or Page Rank to the website it is linking to.

What makes a link valuable?

You may be wondering what makes the link valuable and how can I determine this? Backlinks are a vote towards your website, the more votes you have the more reputable you appear in googles algorithms, but googles algorithm cannot be easily manipulated. Google has picked up companies that have attempted to influence the googles algorithm by creating spam backlinks, which hinder how Google ranks your business.

Creating backlinks is a very important ranking factor, it can be done in a few ways to achieve a backlink, but the idea around it is to get higher domain authority websites which google sees as authoritative that will positively impact the authority of your website.

One of the most viable sources for backlinks is niche directories or general directories. A directory is a website which contains other individual or companies details for instance name, website, contact information, address, industry and many other. If the website you are submitting to is considered a spam directory, or a low-value directory it won’t impact your rank as much as a higher authoritative website would impact your ranking.

To determine if the directory is valuable to you, there are a few ways to figure this out, one of those being Moz Bar, Moz, Ahrefs or other SEO programs which help analyse the performance of a website.

How do I acquire backlinks?

To acquire a backlink there are a few ways to go about this, some of those being:

  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Purchasing Backlinks
  • Exchanging Backlinks

As well as a few other techniques, but these will be the main we are going to discuss. 

Domain Authority

What is domain authority? The domain authority of a website is based on your backlink profile, content and high-quality backlinks. The higher your domain authority the harder it is to achieve a higher authority. Domain authority works on a non-linear scale, so possessing the domain authority of 1-10 is easier to achieve then 10-20.

Page Authority

What is page authority? A websites page authority is determined off of the backlink profile to the specific page, the content on the page and how relevant the page is to the targetted audience. Page authority is on a non-linear scale as well as the domain authority, as cited above making the domain authority of 1-10 easier than 10-20.

How do I link build?

There are a few ways to go about link building, the most common way to obtain a backlink in today’s current market is through directories, to find a directory there are many different ways you can go about this, an example being if you we’re an electrician on the gold coast and you were trying to submit to websites that will drive in leads, many popular directories being a few mentioned here; Yellowpages, Yelp, Truelocal and many others.

Obtaining a backlink from these higher domain authority websites will bring in potential leads as well as increase your domain authority which can then impact where you rank for certain keywords in googles algorithm. There are many directories out there that are considered spam directories or invaluable directories, these can negatively impact the ranking of your website if you submit to these websites. So assessing a website before submitting to it is a very important factor when it comes to link building.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? We’ll briefly discuss how content marketing can help impact the Authority of your website. Through writing content for blog sites or other businesses in your industry can benefit your business substantially. It not only lets the person know you have experience in the industry but it obtains a backlink if the content is found to be beneficial to where you are publishing the content.

Where do I find sites that will accept my content? There are many places you can choose to submit content to, finding the correct place can have a huge impact on whether or not the article will drive business.

Through giving other websites content for their site allowing for their audience to read information related to their industry, which in return they would exchange you a backlink for the content, which will then be crawled by googles bot and picked up which will then affect the position of your website in googles algorithm.

Submitting content to publishers or blog outlets can be quite an agitating task, finding the correct niche or outlet that’ll allow you to publish your content can vary in difficulty depending on where you are attempting to publish the content, sites with higher domain authority tend to be harder to get to publish your content as they are receiving.